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May 7, 2024

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Top 7 Activities as a Solo Traveler in the USVI

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Taking a solo trip to the USVI may just be the best vacation of your entire life! After all, you won’t have to compromise with anyone else’s choices. This freedom means you’ll be able to do whatever you want, whenever you feel like it. For instance, if you planned to hang out on the beach all day but wake up feeling more like going shopping instead, that’s exactly what you can do! Therefore, stop looking for someone else to go with you and start planning your solo trip activities instead. 

USVI Solo Travel Overview

Arriving in St John by yourself will be very liberating. Lots of people erroneously believe that it’s lonely to travel by yourself. However, there are actually several reasons you should take solo trips. First off, it’s more cost-effective. It’ll also help you get to know yourself better, and it’ll be easier to make new friends. In fact, if you were to travel to the USVI with another person, the odds are high that you’d become insulated in a bubble, rather than truly experiencing everything around you. Let’s explore some of the many fun options for your solo vacation!  

7 Activities for Solo Travelers

St John solo travel will help you gain a completely different perspective on this beautiful island! Rather than remaining focused on whether your travel partner is having fun, you can throw yourself headfirst into a world of possibilities. Each new day is yours to do as you wish, so get out there and have tons of fun!   

1. Go for a Long Walk on Reef Bay Trail 

Imagine you’ve woken up in St John, and it’s an absolutely stunning day. With no one else to answer to, you decide that taking a long, leisurely stroll through Virgin Islands National Park sounds fantastic. Because the National Park accounts for approximately 60% of the island, there are several different trails you could follow. Opting for the Reef Bay Trail, you go on this 4.4-mile in-and-out trek and spend the next 2-1/2 hours exploring.

As a moderately challenging hike, the Reef Bay Trail winds its way through two forests before it ends at the beach. You’re likely to encounter a wide variety of birds along the way, along with tortoises, deer, and crabs. Perhaps even more interesting, though, is the chance to see ancient petroglyphs and maybe even a waterfall. 

If you were to take this walk with a travel partner, you’d miss some of the littler things while talking to each other. Fortunately, you’ve traveled to St John and the Reef Bay Trail alone, which means you can truly take it all in. Have fun, and don’t forget to wear proper shoes and take plenty of water.    

2. Explore a Deserted Sugar Plantation

Along the Reef Bay Trail are four different deserted sugar plantations, and they’re definitely worth checking out. They also have a dark history, but it’s important to take time to recognize both the good and bad parts of St John’s past. You see, when these plantations were operational, St John was under Danish control. This was a perilous period for locals, who were often enslaved and made to produce a ton of sugar. From 1790-1810 alone, their efforts brought forth 1,690 acres of sugar. 

Take a few moments to reflect on everything the natives were forced to suffer so that the world could have sugar. Then, celebrate the fact that in 1848 the slaves finally won their emancipation. This helped bring about major, positive changes and set up the island to become an American territory in 1917. 

The ruins of St John’s past are a testament to the ravages of colonization, but because they now lay in ruins, they also provide hope. Don’t let the enormity of the island’s history pass you by. By experiencing it instead, you’ll gain a new appreciation for today’s St John. 

3. Hang Out on Oppenheimer Beach 

Oppenheimer Beach was once owned by Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the atomic bomb. There is another reason we suggest going here, though. It’s unlike the other beaches and is also a likely spot where you can be mostly alone. 

It’s important to mention that Oppenheimer Beach is not the type of place you envision when you think of a Caribbean beach. Rather than offering lots of room for sun worshipers, this beach is rather small. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to lay underneath a palm tree and read! Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can go snorkeling.   

4. Take a Daytrip to The Baths and White Bay 

Daytrips to Baths and White Bay are offered by Stormy Pirates Boat Charters. Begin your trip at the dock next to the National Park Service Building, located in Cruz Bay. From there, no more than 12 guests will board a boat and be whisked away to The Baths for world-class snorkeling. 

Once you get tired from seeing everything there is to see at The Baths, your nine-hour trip will take you to Devil’s Bay National Park. Relax at White Bay, which is considered to be one of the top beaches in the world! Additionally, you’ll have time to toss back a few drinks at the Soggy Dollar Bar. 

Please note that this day trip requires a passport. You’ll be taken from the USVI to the BVI and back again, all in one day!  

5. Make Friends at The Tap Room 

Speaking of drinking, there’s no better place to go on St John than The Tap Room. If you’re in the mood to have a drink and socialize, this bar will be ideal. Of course, The Tap Room provides many options aside from just alcohol, including delicious pizzas and smash burgers. 

To get there, go to Mongoose Junction and ascend to the second floor. Spend an evening here and by the time it ends, you’ll be full, a bit tipsy, and you’ll have made a new group of friends! 

6. Go Kayaking and Snorkeling at Hurricane Hole 

Are you looking for another day trip that isn’t as expensive and doesn’t go as far? Take a six-hour unique kayaking and snorkeling trip to Hurricane Hole! As part of the Coral Reef National Monument, you’ll get the opportunity to kayak in Water Creek, Otter Creek, and Princess Bay. This alone would make the trip worthwhile, but you’ll also be able to snorkel in the mangroves! See barracuda, snappers, colorful sea anemones, starfish, and more. 

As a bonus, this particular trip includes a picnic lunch, so you don’t have to worry about taking anything with you. Instead, you get to simply focus on having a fantastic time for six hours!   

7. Shop ‘til You Drop in Cruz Bay

What type of vacation would this be if you didn’t get at least a little local shopping done? Even better, you’ll be able to pick up duty-free gifts for your friends and family back home. 

Cruz Bay has a shopping mall, Mongoose Junction, but it’s definitely unlike the malls you’ve been to back home. Rather than hosting a variety of chain stores, Mongoose Junction features art at the Bajo El Sol Gallery and The St John Experience Gallery. You’ll also find the gifts you seek at Made in St John, which offers super soft t-shirts with unique designs. Or, if you’re looking for unique Christmas ornaments, head to Sugar Birds.

Alternatively, you can head to The Marketplace to shop with the locals. Whether you need to pick up an item at Chelsea Drug Store, hit the ATM at FirstBank, or even fit in some time playing video poker at MegaBucks Gaming, The Marketplace has got you covered!  As an added bonus, Mongoose Junction and The Marketplace offer food and drink options, so why not plan to make your shopping excursion into a full day event? 

Plan the Best USVI Solo Travel Adventure 

As you can see, St John provides the perfect locale for taking a solo trip! And as far as safety tips go, be aware that St John has the lowest crime rate of the USVI. As long as you use common sense, don’t flash your valuables, and remain aware of your surroundings, you shouldn’t experience any issues.

Don’t forget to book your hotel before you leave home. Marketplace Suites is central to almost everything, and it’s also received several reviews touting how safe people felt there. In other words, it’s ideal for solo travelers! The Marketplace is also conveniently located right outside of Marketplace Suites, so don’t worry if you forget to pack something. Simply head to Chelsea Drug Store and pick it up. 

There are standard, deluxe, and deluxe 2-bedroom suites to choose from, which will give you the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of a long, fun day. Book your suite today to begin your solo tropical adventure!