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July 7, 2021

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Cheap Plane Tickets To St John US Virgin Islands

Cheap Flights To St John US Virgin Islands

When considering a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, what typically comes to mind are their lovely white sand beaches and a destination brimming with fun water activities, relaxing venues and more. When it comes time to plan the visit, however, the first thing most vacationers shop for is the best airfare. 

Features that make flights popular include cheap ticket prices, but trip-takers also value aspects such as short flight times and longer stays. The following guide informs you about what you need to know about booking cheap airline flights to St. John, USVI.

Main Airports in the Virgin Islands

Three islands make up the USVI: St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. You access the U.S. Virgin Islands through one of these two public airports:

  • Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX/TISX): Named in honor of WWII Tuskegee Airman Henry E. Rohlsen, this airport is located six miles southwest of Christiansted, St. Croix. Also called HERA for short, the 181,000 square feet terminal consists of two stories and ten gates. HERA is served by two major domestic airlines, and its runway regularly welcomes cargo & military aircraft and inter-island flights.
  • Cyril E. King Airport (STT): Located four miles east of capital city Charlotte Amalie on the island of St. Thomas is Cyril E. King Airport, also known as CEKA. The airport terminal has two stories and measures 7,600 square feet on the ground floor, and the second story measures 2,380 square feet. CEKA has 11 gates and is one of the busiest hubs in the eastern Caribbean.

If you're noticing that there are three islands but only two main airports, that's because (currently) no major airlines fly direct from the U.S. to St. John.

Which Airlines Fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands?

American Airlines, Spirit and Delta fly the most frequently from the United States to the U.S. Virgin Islands, followed by JetBlue, United and Frontier. Continental also comes into St. Thomas out of Newark, NJ (EWR). In addition, these major airlines offer affordable direct flights from major cities on the eastern mainland to the USVI, making them popular among travelers.

Popular Flights to U.S. Virgin Islands

The leading domestic airlines servicing St. Croix and St. Thomas with direct flights from major cities are: 

St. Croix

  • American Airlines: From Boston (BOS), New York (JFK), Miami (MIA), and San Juan (SJU)
  • Delta Airlines: From Atlanta (ATL) and New York (JFK) 
  • Spirit Airlines: From Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) and Orlando (MCO)

St. Thomas 

  • American Airlines: From Boston (BOS), New York (JFK), Miami (MIA), and San Juan (SJU)
  • Delta Airlines: From Atlanta (ATL) and New York (JFK) 
  • Jet Blue: From Boston (BOS) and San Juan (SJU)
  • Spirit Airlines: From Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) and Orlando (MCO)
  • United Airlines: From Dulles (IAD), Chicago (ORD), Houston (IAH), and Newark (EWR)
  • Continental Airlines: From Newark (EWR)
  • Frontier: From NYC (LGA), Orlando (MCO) & Miami (MIA), Atlanta (ATL), Denver (DEN), Philadelphia (PHIL) and TRENTON, (TTN) & NEWARK (EWR) NJ

Cheap Flights to St John Us Virgin Islands

Regarding cheap flights to St John, unfortunately, there is no airport there to land a plane. Therefore, the only way to get to the island of St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is by boat. 

Any kind of boat will suffice, but it’s most likely going to be a car barge, passenger ferry, charter boat, sailboat or water taxi. 

That being said, if you need to island-hop between St. Croix and St. Thomas, there are ferries and on-demand sea airport and seaplane services that allow you to do so. After you do, you can take one of the travel options mentioned above to get to St. John. Once you arrive in St. John, you can book centrally located accommodations like Marketplace Suites in Cruz Bay. 

As far as rates go, Seaborne Airlines operates a seaplane service, and the cost for a one-way ticket from St. Thomas to St. Croix starts at a little over $100. The trip takes about a half hour. Going the opposite way from St. Croix to St. Thomas using Seaborne Airlines, you’re looking at about the same price and travel time.  

Top tips for finding cheap flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Fly during September

The high season in the USVI is November, December and January. The cheapest month to fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands is in September, but there are still cheap flights to be had year-round. 

Get First Dibs

Travel is beginning to open back up in the U.S., as people are getting more accustomed to the idea of flying again. There’s likely to be a surge in travel bookings when that happens, and flight prices are predicted to increase. Tickets will also be scarce as more travelers attempt to book the same flights.

For example, take these July flight ticket prices listed below. Bear in mind that the prices listed exclude COVID-19 insurance, extra luggage, etc.  

  • Cheapest/St. Croix: ATL to STX – from $263 round trip for a standard ticket
  • Best Value/ Shortest Trip/St Croix: ATL to STX – from $388 round trip for a standard ticket (1-stop, American Airlines)
  • Cheapest/St. Thomas: Orlando to STT – from around $300 to a little over $350 in August round trip for a standard ticket (1-stop, Frontier Airlines).

In a nutshell – if you’re planning to travel during the rest of this year or in early 2022 and want to take advantage of savings, you’ll want to jump on these bookings now.

Book Your Flight Well in Advance

Another tip is to arrange for your airfare well in advance. In fact, you should book your flight four months to three weeks before your flight for the best availability and savings. Doing anything less than that is just pushing your luck. What you’ll spend during this window will be around 5% of the airline’s lowest price point for a ticket.

Save with Travel Agencies and Bundles

The easiest way to locate and compare flight and airfare options for a particular route is to use fare aggregator sites, which direct you to airlines or websites to purchase the flight. 

Another popular option is using an online travel agency to buy airline tickets. Both options will often get you excellent rates, though. Agencies and fare aggregators also offer bargains in the way of all-inclusive bundles that combine airfare with other options, such as hotels and car rentals. 

Sometimes going straight to the airline websites over travel agencies can offer better savings, too. Also, hunt for bargains by joining clubs like Discount Den or Jack’s Flight Club. There is also, of course, frequent flyer miles you can use to save money.

Clear Your Browser of Cookies

Although airlines say they don’t do it, there is some evidence that they jack up their prices based on your browsing history, especially if you keep on searching for the same flight. In light of that, it’s a good idea to either go ahead and buy tickets once you’ve locked on an excellent ticket price or disable cookies for further searches on the same flight. 

Use Price Alerts

Kayak will notify you weekly – or even daily – when ticket prices drop. The notifications are particularly helpful when you’re shopping for air fare well in advance.

Safety measures for Airlines Flying to the U.S. Virgin Islands

In response to COVID-19, all travelers coming to the USVI should follow requirements, including mask-wearing and social distancing. Please review the US Virgin Islands Travel Screening Portal prior to arrival to the territory. The following operational guidelines are required for the public's safety:

  • Everyone aged five years or older who enters the USVI by air or sea must submit a COVID-19 test prior to travel.  
  • People traveling to the US Virgin Islands from United States domestic flights and foreign territories must have temperature screenings before entry
  • Travelers arriving at CEKA and HERA must fill out a Health Declaration. Before leaving the baggage claim areas, the form should be completed and left at the VING stations’ exit doors.
  • There is restricted access to the baggage claim areas at HERA and CEKA airline terminals, and only travelers are authorized to use them. This restriction applies to private car drivers, tour operators, taxis and anyone else picking up travelers. They must pick up passengers at the curbside instead.   
  • Travelers must always wear masks when inside the airline terminals.  They should also be worn properly and cover your mouth and nose.

For more information on travel restrictions and requirements, see the USVI Travel Advisory general guidance page.

Booking Accommodations in Cruz Bay, St. John

If you would like to find out more about booking accommodations in St. John, please call the professional team at Marketplace Suites at 1-800-727-6610.